Discover the history of Pyramids

The pyramids in Ustroń are an architectural gem of the Silesian Beskids and one of the most characteristic places in southern Poland. They are one of the most outstanding examples of modernist architecture, which completely changed the character of the area.

The buildings were designed in the 1970s by Silesian architects Henryk Buszko, Aleksander Franta, and Tadeusz Szewczyk. They gained popularity thanks to their unusual shape, resembling a pyramid, built on a triangular plan. They reference the mountain landscape, peaks, creating unity between nature and architecture.

This is architecture for the 21st century, yet deeply rooted in history, creating a unique atmosphere of this place.


Architectural sketch


Idea for pyramids in the Beskids

Ustroń is a spa town located in the valley of the Vistula River in the Silesian Beskids. On the slope of Równica, on an area of ​​200 hectares, a spa and leisure complex was established. According to the plan, 28 facilities were to be built on the slopes of Równica, but ultimately only 17 were constructed, with the last one completed in 1990. The buildings, designed in the shape of a triangle with balconies arranged in a staggered manner, resemble pyramids. Thanks to this construction, they appear as triangular shapes from every viewpoint. The realization of this project was overseen by prominent Silesian architects Henryk Buszko, Aleksander Franta, and Tadeusz Szewczyk. The entire complex was designed with respect for the natural landscape. The pyramids, like rocks scattered loosely on the slope, perfectly fit into the mountainous landscape of this area.

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Pyramids like sailboats sailing across the hill.

On the slope of Równica, 17 pyramids were built. Each of them has 4,500 square meters of usable space in a volume of approximately 18,000 square meters. The spa and leisure complex was grand in scale, capable of accommodating up to 7,000 people. Amidst the pyramids, the Równica stands in contrast; the enormous sanatorium building embodies the ideals of modernism: a structure with strongly marked horizontal divisions, supported by pillars. On its flat roof, there is an observation deck offering a beautiful view of the entire area.


Hotel Diament Ustroń

Historical sketch


1978 i 1979

History of our hotel

The history of Hotel Diament spans over 40 years. The pyramid-shaped building was opened for use around 1978 and 1979, under the name "Sokół" Holiday Resort. The nearby pyramids also received names derived from bird species. In the vicinity, there appeared "Wilga" (Oriole), "Jaskółka" (Swallow), "Orlik" (Eagle), and "Kos" (Blackbird).

Originally, the building was owned by the "Manifest Lipcowy" Coal Mine in Jastrzębie-Zdrój. It served as a rehabilitation, medical, and leisure facility, exclusively available to the mine's employees and their families.



"Sokół" Hotel

In 1990, the "Manifest Lipcowy" Coal Mine changed its name to "Zofiówka". For the next several years, the building was under the management of this mine. The name was changed to "Sokół" Hotel, and the property was leased to the Jastrzębskie Towarzystwo Gospodarcze "Antracyt" Sp. z o.o. Tadeusz Szafrański became the hotel's director. There were no longer company-sanctioned vacation stays, but the "Zofiówka" mine continued to cooperate with the hotel, organizing various events there.

During the 1990s, our pyramid became a two-star "Sokół" Hotel, accessible to anyone who could afford such a stay. Even before the denomination of the Polish złoty, the hotel stay cost 150,000 zł per day. The hotel generated the highest revenue during holidays, school breaks, and summer vacations. The "Antracyt" company also signed a contract with Danes for hotel stays. Conference and lecture halls were also rented out for various symposia, courses, and conferences.



Joining the Beskid Tourist Chamber

In 1996, the "Sokół" Hotel, along with several other tourist facilities in Ustroń, joined the Beskid Tourist Chamber. The aim of this organization was to support economic initiatives, conduct market research in tourism, and analyze legal acts affecting tourism. The Beskid Tourist Chamber also supported vocational training and carried out promotional and informational activities.



Establishment of the "Piramida" Hotels Group

In 1997, the "Sokół" Hotel, along with the "Muflon," "Daniel," "Narcyz," and "Rosomak" hotels, merged to form the "Piramida" Hotels Group. Together, they could offer up to 900 accommodation places in 350 rooms, 1,500 seats in restaurants and cafés, and over a thousand seats in 17 conference halls. Their offer was aimed at organizers of larger conferences and training sessions as well as major tour operators. In addition to the tourist attractions of the Silesian Beskids, they also promoted the possibility of spa treatment. The neighboring facilities could accommodate much larger groups of people. The "Piramida" Hotels Group also organized various events such as weddings, proms, alumni reunions, and larger family gatherings.



Renovation and reconstruction of the facility under the banner of the Diament Hotels

In 2007, the facility underwent renovation and expansion. It is currently owned by the HOTELE DIAMENT S.A. group headquartered in Gliwice and operates as a four-star SPA hotel: SPA & Wellness Hotel Diament Ustroń.



Addition of 4-star amenities - pool, spa, etc.

In 2010, the hotel was expanded with a four-star section. 44 new rooms were added, furnished with modern furniture in line with the hotel industry standards at the time. The rooms feature terraces offering panoramic views of the mountains. Additionally, one of the largest suites in the Podbeskidzie region was designed. This 150 m² suite consists of three bedrooms, two living areas, and two bathrooms. Recreational infrastructure was also built, including an indoor pool and a playroom for children. A rich SPA facility was also established.



General renovation of the 3-star section

In 2016, a general renovation of the three-star section of the hotel was carried out. Air conditioning was installed in all rooms, making Hotel Diament the only air-conditioned pyramid in Ustroń. The rooms were furnished with modern furniture. Bathroom renovations were also completed, aiming to maximize the functional use of space as best as possible.



General renovation of the 4-star section

In 2018, the entire internal infrastructure of the 4-star section of the hotel was refreshed. Air conditioning was installed in all rooms. The rooms were furnished with new furniture and a modern carpeting system. The children's playroom was also modernized, equipped with special recreational devices and educational toys. Additionally, a fitness club was created with a view of the pool and the mountain panorama.

Why is it worth coming to the Diament Hotel Pyramid in Ustroń?

The Diament Hotel Ustroń is a unique place, situated in the picturesque Silesian Beskids, surrounded by greenery and beautiful landscapes. It stands out distinctly among other establishments. It’s more than just a hotel. It’s a unique place, the only one of its kind in Poland. It has a beautiful history dating back to the times of the Polish People’s Republic when it was built as one of many pyramids scattered on the slope of Równica. The characteristic pyramid shape has become the hallmark of Ustroń. The slopes of the pyramid, like the slopes of the Beskids, blend with the mountains and beautifully complement the landscape.

Ustroń is accessible via the “Gierkówka,” a high-speed road built during the times of Edward Gierek. The hotel is located away from the hustle and bustle, enveloped in greenery, close to the forest. Here you will find breathtaking landscapes, mountain air, and plenty of opportunities for active relaxation. Regardless of the weather, you can relax in the Wellness zone, by the pool under the starry sky, or enjoying spa treatments. For the youngest guests, we offer a wonderful animation program led by an experienced team of animators along with Mr. Diamencik in the Kids Club.

At the Diament Hotel, you will feel a unique atmosphere amidst the beautiful surroundings of mountain nature. The rich offer allows both adults and children to relax. It’s the perfect place for a family getaway.

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